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Spend time growing your Shopify business, not filing taxes

Staying compliant by filing sales taxes accurately and on time is critical to your Shopify business. Sidr Tax provides you with a fast, easy, and accurate US sales tax report.

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Accurate Reporting

Handles Refunds and Adjustments

Supports Multiple Shops

Easy Integration

Flexible sales tax report filters

Have the freedom to define your own sales tax reporting criteria. Choose a specific date, date range, and start date.

Accurate refund handling

Refunds and order updates are automatically pulled and reflected on your sales reports. Manual order adjustments are pro-rated for you.

Monthly tax summary by states

See all your state sales in one view. Easily understand how your gross sales is changing.

Breakdown by County, City, and District

See sales and taxes breakdown at the county, city, and district levels. Map them to what you need for your sales tax reporting.

Sales and Tax dashboard

Visualize the sales and tax trends of your store.

Multiple Shop support

Easily toggle between your Shops. Manage all your Shops in one place.

Trusted by fellow Shopify store owners

I installed Sidr, and within two days I have perfect sales tax reporting! Tongbo, the CIO, reached out personally to let me know the status of my store's data because it took some extra time to pull in all my sales volume. I already know this app is going to save me hours come sales tax time! Wonderful app, highly recommend!

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